domingo, 6 de dezembro de 2015


MX More disposal every day MX is a delicious and unique blend with functional properties that help in maintaining healthy levels in your body. Made with 100% fruit and vegetable juice, this nutritional drink offers a wide range of antioxidants with 19 fruits, 11 vegetables, lycopene, beta-carotene and Beta Glucan. Formulated with quality ingredients, MX also has collagen hydrolyzate and power of acai to provide more flavor and quality for you. Add MX in your daily diet and get more disposal every day, whether at work, in sports or when you need pace and concentration in various activities. Recharge your batteries in a more natural way with the MX and have more energy every day. 19 fruits; 11 plants; Acai with unique formula; Collagen hydrolyzate; lycopene; beta carotene; Beta glucan; Gluten free; 100% Natural

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